About Us

 Signature Image Academy International Pte Ltd specialises in Corporate Trainings, Academy Courses, Professional Teachers’ & Schools’ Trainings, and International Trainings that will advantage our clients and participants both professionally and individually. Our team of Consultants and Trainers will gladly work with all people and their corporation/s to discuss, develop, propose and deliver optimal training programs and workshops for all organizations.

Corporate Image & Dressing, Office Etiquette & Social Graces, Body Language in Effective Communication, Internal & External Customer Service Quality or Networking in Public Relation Skills, these are just some of the professional & personal development skills and training programs we conduct for organisations. At Signature Image Academy International, we fully believe in exploring, utilizing and maximizing one’s potential, distinctive to the person and the organisation/s that one represents. We endeavour to develop one’s life skills and make one’s branding, image and presentation unique only to the person or organisation/s, developing and possessing one’s unique individual personal and corporate branding!

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with top-notch professional and personal training programs which are delivered in a personalized and professional manner. We focus on building relationships with our clients in the long run. We embrace an environment of change and collaboration in this fast- advancing world.

Our Vision

To be a leading relationship-based provider of Image, Etiquette, Communication & Customer Service Training Programs in the industry and market we serve, both locally and internationally. We achieve our vision through:Strong client relationship:

  • Superior service and quality

  • Professional expertise

  • Excellent delivery

  • Partnerships with related organizations, locally and internationally

Our Commitment

We, at Signature Image Academy International, have constantly strived to provide the best for our clients. On a regular basis, we try to improve and upgrade our level of effective delivery, keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest training, consulting techniques and methodologies, reviewing and revising our programs and materials continuingly. Towards the end, feedback from our clients has always been invaluable in improving our training standards to new and higher levels.