Business Etiquette


Office & Business Etiquette & Professional Protocol Course/s

ET 001

Office & Business Etiquette and Mannerism

-    Impress all your clients by carrying yourself with poise and knowing how to interact well with your knowledge in business etiquette & mannerism

ET 002

Corporate and Professional Protocol

-    Discussion of business matters and work are common over a meal. Master the art of fine dining, impress your client and get your task done smoothly

ET 003

Meeting and Boardroom Protocol

-    Attending functions allow us to get to know more people and vice versa.

ET 004

Essential Business Dining Etiquette

-    Conduct yourself wherever you are in terms of body language and get to know what the other party is thinking too by analyzing his or her body language in every business situation

ET 005

Corporate Customs and Practices

-    Effective communication allows parties to truly understand each other and avoid any misunderstanding. Know the ‘inside out’ information on how to communicate well