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Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)

WSQ Course Programme

A WSQ-funded and SkillsFuture Credits- and Absentee Payroll- eligible Course

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WSQ Course Programme

Customer Service Excellence with EQ and Demanding Customer Situation Management


In every profession and industry, serving customers well will definitely yield much fruits, whether at work, in customer service and pre- and post-sales. With the new normal and the changing service-and-sales landscape to become more digitalised, customer service has taken a more varied definition and dimension. Furthermore, with the influx of the next generation, Gen-Z, coming into the workforce and commanding more economic power as a whole, emotional intelligence (also known as EQ – emotion quotient) becomes a highly important aspect when carrying out and displaying service excellence. This course will equip one with the necessary skills to enhance one’s service quality to the next level, for both short-term on-the-spot customer-serving and/or long-term client-relationship management. That’s not all – other than going through an EQ assessment to discover our level of emotional intelligence, learners will also go through a motivational type profiling assessment to find out which type of motivation will propel them to exude and execute better customer service no matter how difficult and demanding the client-serving situation is. Learners will then go on to master a simple but powerful service recovery technique that will not just help anyone recover from any demanding customer-serving situation, but also win back the customer to his or her favour. Look no further as this course will surely enhance one’s service standards to the next level in whichever profession or industry one is in. 
The contents have been adapted from Joshua Luke’s book series and e-flip guidebook series
  • ‘Fast Forward Your Customer Service’ book and
  • the ‘First-Mover Advantage in People and Personalities Management’ e-flip guidebook:

Course Objectives

At the end of the training, participants will be able to: Develop a competence in Customer Service Excellence
  • Know the importance of customer service excellence and emotional intelligence, also known as EQ (emotion quotient) to success in serving customers and clients well
  • Post-pandemic in the new normal, and
  • With the influx of the next generational people, Gen Z, with their generational characteristics of being highly tech-savvy, demanding and expected to be served fast and 24-7
  • Assess one’s level of emotional intelligence in handling demanding and difficult situations in life and at work
  • Importance of Emotion Quotient (EQ) in understanding and treating others empathetically
  • Emotion Quotient (EQ) assessment to determine one’s level of emotional intelligence
  • The ‘S.C.O.R.E Love’ Emotional Intelligence Technique
  • Be guided through the various customer-serving situations to achieve Customer Service Excellence
  • For both short-term on-the-spot customer-serving and/or long-term client-relationship management
  • In Phone calls, Face-to-face and Digital-online customer-serving situations
Develop a competence in Managing Demanding Customer Situations
  • Be guided on the reasons why customers might complain and/or be difficult and demanding
  • From corporate regulations, operational glitches to miscommunication and mismanagement of the serving situations, etc.
  • Discover one’s motivational type through a profiling assessment
  • Importance of knowing which types of motivation exist, and which one type is one highly motivated by
  • Go through a motivational type profiling assessment (EPIC Waves Motivation Theory™) to determine which type of motivation will propel one to the desired goal/s or target/s.
  • Be guided through on how to use one’s motivation type to continue to display customer service excellence and factors
  • Be guided on the management of demanding customer situations
  • Using a simple yet powerful technique – the ‘R.E.A.C.T’ Service Recovery technique
  • To not just help any service personnel recover from any demanding customer-serving situation, but also win back the customer to his or her favour
Develop an Overall competence in Customer Service Excellence and Demanding Customer Situation Management at the workplace for corporate success
  • Putting all of the above skills learnt into practice with assessment
  • Case studies and role-play of proposed real-life networking situations for more focused learning and direct application
  • Completion of course with assessment
Type of WSQ Course Programme
  • A WSQ-funded and SkillsFuture Credits- and Absentee Payroll- eligible Course
Presented by
  • Signature Image Academy International Pte. Ltd
  • UEN 201017041 W

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WSQ Course


WSQ Training

Training Duration, Time and Format

One-day course from 9.00am to 6.00pm and In-person training

Note: Specific training date/s can be arranged for client if a class of minimum 10 pax can be confirmed

Venue for Face-to-face Training

  • Training Room at either:
  • - Somerset Road or
    - 51 Cuppage Road
  • Client’s Office Premise (for Corporate Clients of 10 pax and more)

Course Fee/s and Funding Period

  • Full-day course fee of S$400 nett
    • 1) For SG Citizens and PRs of 40 and above years of age, there is 70% fee subsidy. Thus: S$120 nett
    • 2) For SG Citizens and PRs of 39 and below years of age, there is 50% fee subsidy. Thus: S$200 nett
Note: Remaining course fee can be further subsidised via Company’s Absentee Payroll and/or Individual Participant’s SkillsFuture Credits (independent claim and dependable on how much the participant has utilised).
Signature Image Academy International

Profile of Chief Trainer

As a DBA (Doctorate degree in Business Administration, Teesside University in England) Graduate, his research focuses on people- interactional, handling and management skills for personal peak performance and success in life and at work. Armed with over 20 years of experience and with all his expertise, Dr Luke has conducted trainings both in Singapore and overseas – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, South Africa, etc. The list of his training clients has spanned across various industries, and includes public organisations like Housing & Development Board, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Defence Science & Technology Agency, MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore), National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore Institute of Management, etc. and private corporations like United Overseas Bank, Julis Baer, Shanghai-Pudong Bank, Maybank, Aberdeen, AIA, Prudential, Great Eastern, Manulife, PSA Corporation Ltd, RSM Stoneforest, etc.  

Signature Image Academy International

Corporate Information

Established in 2008 as a business entity, Signature Image Academy International, was later incorporated as a company in 2010. Starting as a training organisation offering courses and certification in image, makeup, etiquette and communication, the Academy has evolved throughout the years to include more and other genres of training topics and contents. Till now, the types of trainings that Signature Image Academy International conduct can be categorised into two main skills: Personal Branding Skills and Personal Effective Skills.

Personal Branding Skills:
  • Professional Image Projection and Personal Grooming
  • Social Graces and Business Etiquette with Dining Skills
  • Charismatic Networking with Relationship Management
  • Body Language in Effective Communication
  • Customer Service Excellence with Service Recovery Skills
Personal Effective Skills:
  • ‘Total Success Multi-Quotient’ in EQ (Emotion Intelligence) and AQ (Mental Resilience)
  • ‘MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling’ in Personalities Management
  • ‘EPIC Waves Motivation Theory’ in Effective Motivation
  • ‘Triple-Set Leader’ in Leadership and Team Management Skills
  • Personal and Team Coaching Skills

Throughout the years, the Academy has received several awards and accolades. From the ‘Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise 2013/2014 Award’ to the ‘Singapore Successful Brand 2015/2016 Award’ to the latest ‘Quality Training Partner 2020 Award (presented by HDB, Singapore)’, we strive to deliver professional expertise, provide conducive learning experience with engaging empathy best we can. Up to date, the Academy has been featured and/or mentioned in various international news and media, namely ABC News, Fox News, International Business Times, etc. In Singapore, our team has been featured on MediaCorp’s TV Channel 8 and Radio 938Live, Singapore Press Holdings’ Magazines (Men’s Health and U-Weekly) and Radio 963FM, etc. Signature Image Academy International believes in value and leverage enhancement. The Academy has been foraging partnerships and tie-ups with associations, alliances and/or organisations all over the world. IBICA, GIECA, SAAIP.. and FIPI since her establishment.

Signature Image Academy International

Core Team

Our Core Team consists of personnel holding various positions and roles in the Administration and Operations Division, the Consulting and Training Division and the Training Development & Support Division (picture right), whereas our Support Team assists in main training and breakout group- coaching with mindset, skillset and heartset reinforcement (picture left). Headed by our Director of Business and Training Development Dr Joshua Luke, he is also the Principal Consultant and Chief Trainer of the Academy.

Most recently, Signature Image Academy International has undergone an extensive assessment with SSG (Skillsfuture Singapore), and is now an approved training organisation and Registered Training Partner in Singapore. The following brochures are our courses which are now WSQ fund- and Skillsfuture credits eligible. They are:

  • Professional Image and Business Etiquette with Effective Communication in Personal Branding Skills
  • Customer Service Excellence with EQ and Demanding Customer Situation Management
  • Effective Networking Skills and Relationship Management with Personality Profiling and Business Dining Skills
  • Personal Effective Skills at Work for self, Leadership and Team Management with Resilience
  • Mastering Communication Skills for Success
  • Deliver Effective Business Presentation to Workplace Stakeholders
  • Engage Internal and External Stakeholders in Business Presentation via Storytelling Strategy

For more information on WSQ Courses and non-WSQ workshops, corporate Coaching and personal Consultation presented by Signature Image Academy International, please visit her website at Alternatively, you can contact them through email [email protected], their Office no. +65 6520 0280 or our Corporate Whatsapp no. +65 9001 0393. You can also view the latest happenings on her social media handles (Facebook and LinkedIn) at Signature Image Academy International.

Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)

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