Personal Coaching Programme

Presented by Signature Image Academy International

Empower Me in: Personality Discovery and Management with Profiling & Report


Personality determines and reflects a person’s behavioural action, emotional feelings, logical thinking and personal values & beliefs to a significant extent. In this Personal Coaching Series, let the experts from Signature Image Academy International guide you on this enlightening journey as you learn about the various types of personalities through MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling with real-time report, discover about your own personality type and even utilise strategies to handle different personalities for optimal self-, people- and even team management!


  • What is Personality?
  • Importance of Personality to Success in Life and at Work
  • MACDOER Spectrum's Types of 7 Personalities
  • Doing the Profiling with Personalised Report emailed on- the-spot
  • Self-Management via the Profiling Results
  • People-Handling and/or Team Management through the
  • Knowing the Various Personalities
  • Putting It All Together for Success


  • Format: In-person
  • Venue: 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, #07-07, Singapore 238164
  • Duration:
  • Either 3 sessions of an hour each week
  • or 1 session of 3 hours


  • For the 3-session coaching of 1-hour each:
  • S$499.00 nett
  • inclusive of a personalised full report of the MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling


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