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Testimonials From Our Students

“Coach Luke is exemplary in stylishly guiding us to reinvent our business and social life. His experiences offer us lessons and tips that help us to create our style!”

Ms Mei Woo
Former President of SWA (Singapore Women’s Association)

“Use Coach Luke’s techniques and tips on etiquette, and be ready to impress others with your positive and influential image.”

Mr Joseph Wan
Former President of IBICA (International Beauty & Image Consultants Association, US)

“I have known Joshua Luke from his wonderful and awe-inspiring trainings. He has a remarkable sense of humour and a great level of energy that made the workshops that he conducted fun and memorable. Apart from this, it was apparent that he deserves to be a trainer because of his expertise and his vibrant yet affable personality.”

Ms Zarina Pacia Olis
Former Restaurant Manager of Zingrill Holdings Pte Ltd

“Joshua Luke is known to possess a personable charisma, passion and professionalism.”

Mr Sam Wong
Former Business Development Director of Cellini Design Center Pte Ltd
Signature Image Academy International

Comments From Our Evaluation
Feedback Form

I enjoyed the course as it was really helpful. The Coach was engaging & made things interesting for us. It was extremely beneficial.

A Course Participant from Land Transport Authority, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore & Maritime Port Authority
(Ministry of Transport, Singapore)

“Demonstrations effective & clear. This way it’ll leave an impression on what is taught.”

A Course Participant from Defence Science & Technology Agency
(DSTA, Singapore)

“I know how to dress appropriately, choosing the colour that suits me, and learnt how to accessorise myself to complete the look”

A Course Participant from Housing & Development Board
(HDB, Singapore)

“The Coach has a good sense of humour and able to impart good knowledge of style of dressing and grooming in all areas”

A Course Participant from Health Promotion Board
(HPB, Singapore)
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